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Animal rights group seeks action against Cecil's killer

MINNEAPOLIS -- Animal rights activists are asking the Minnesota Board of Dentistry to investigate the dentist who killed a protected lion in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe wants the U.S. to assist in extradit... 03:12

The Animal Legal Defense Fund says it filed a complaint Wednesday alleging that Walter Palmer brought disrepute to Minnesota's dental profession and should have his license revoked.

Palmer has admitted killing the lion, named Cecil, saying he relied on guides to ensure a legal hunt.

The California-based animal rights group noted that Palmer abruptly closed his office last week amid a barrage of criticism, including protests outside his office and thousands of negative posts on social media.

In Minnesota, anyone can file complaints to the dentistry board alleging unbecoming conduct. Details about investigations don't become public unless the board takes corrective action.

Palmer hasn't returned messages seeking comment.

The killing of Cecil has sparked outrage around the world. On Wednesday, Florida police said vandals spray painted the words "lion killer" on the garage door of Palmer's vacation home.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force announced on Thursday that it has commissioned a statue replica of Cecil that will be erected at the entrance to the Hwange National Parks.

"This will be an excellent reminder to all who visit the park of where Cecil the Lion used to live," the task force said in a Facebook post.

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