CDC director: I'm "deeply concerned" about stopping Zika transmission

CDC director on zika
CDC director on zika 01:55

At least five new cases of Zika have been confirmed in Miami Beach, Florida -- outside the original “Zika Zone” of Wynwood.

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told CBS News’ Dr. Jon LaPook stopping the spread of the virus in the new hot spot could be challenging. 

Miami Beach Zika zone 03:27

“The high rise buildings mean you can’t apply aerial spraying the same way. Also, the windy conditions make it harder to apply some of the larvacide and adultacide products,” Dr. Frieden said.

He also told Dr. LaPook he is worried health officials don’t have enough resources to prevent further outbreaks.

“I’m concerned we won’t have the resources we need to have a robust response, come up with better ways to find the virus and better ways to get rid of the mosquito.”

To hear what else Dr. Frieden and Dr. LaPook have to say about the Zika virus, watch the video above.