CBS News Investigative Update

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that Representative Gary Miller (R-CA) is under investigation by the FBI for shady land deals. We reported on his real estate shenanigans back in September.

This week the Pentagon announced they will no longer sell spare F-16 parts through its surplus service because of security breaches. We reported on security gaps in Department of Defense surplus sales back in July.

Also this week, the FDA announced it will overhaul its drug approval process. We highlighted the agency's approval process for the controversial antibiotic Ketek back in December, and were the first to note a congressional investigation into the drug's approval resulting in hearings later this month.

Lastly, media outlets reported today that Florida has rejected the use of touch-screen voting machines which producer Phil Hirschkorn has been doggedly reporting on day in and day out. Read Phil's latest update here.