CBS News Has 'Eyes' Covered

Stanley Kubrick's final directorial effort, Eyes Wide Shut, brings together two of Hollywood's biggest stars - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman - in an erotic thriller that has generated heat on and off the screen. has full coverage of one of the summer's most anticipated and most controversial films.

Cruise's Labor of Love
Actor Tom Cruise talked with CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen about Eyes Wide Shut, his private life and his relationship with late director Stanley Kubrick.
Kidman: Crazy For Commitment
As the leading lady in the steamy thriller Eyes Wide Shut, Nicole Kidman had an ideal romantic partner: Husband Tom Cruise. CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen reports.
Pollack: It's Art Vs. Money
The sexual content in Eyes Wide Shut was so steamy that the producers had to "cover up" an orgy scene. But at least one Hollywood director tells CBS This Morning that such decisions are always tough.
Kubrick's Final Coup
Cruise. Kidman. Kubrick. Kudos!'s Rob Medich finds Eyes Wide Shut a triumph of pure filmmaking.
All Eyes On Wide Shut
The premiere of Eyes Wide Shut drew stars from the movie and stars who just were dying to see it. Correspondent Sophia Choi of CBS station KCBS-TV reports.