CBS News crew dodges suicide bomber near Mosul

Car bomb video

MOSUL, Iraq -- A “60 Minutes” crew narrowly escaped a suicide bombing near Mosul this week, but captured the dramatic footage from nearby. 

A CBS News crew narrowly escaped a suicide bombing near Mosul and captured dramatic footage of the attack. CBS News

Minutes after they arrived with Iraqi special forces on the eastern outskirts of Mosul, an ISIS suicide bomber came racing toward Lara Logan, the crew and Iraq’s “Golden Brigades.” After the bombing, ISIS shot at them. 

A black crater burned into the earth marked the spot where the car exploded. There was nothing left of the vehicle, just pieces of metal strewn across the ground -- and the engine, still smoking.

And lying in the dirt, the bomber’s shoe.  

Watch the video of the bombing and the immediate aftermath. And tune in to 60 Minutes on Sunday at 7 p.m. for Logan’s report from Mosul.