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Caught On Tape: Belgrade Basketball Brawl

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In Belgrade, six fans were injured when a massive brawl broke out between fans of opposing basketball teams during a game in the city's Pionir Sports Hall on Dec. 5.

The Red Star Belgrade and PAOK Thessalonik teams were set to begin their match in the Union of Europe Basketball Leagues Cup game when fans of Red Star's local rival, Partizan, showed up.

According to police, dozens of fistfights broke out and some fans used flares and chairs as weapons.

Two police officers were among those injured. One fan sustained serious injuries.

Several fans suspected of instigating the brawl were suspended from the sports hall.

Police brought the situation under control within 30 minutes, and the game continued as plan.

The game ended with a score of 85-81 in PAOK's favor.

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Video courtesy APTN

Train Surfing
In South Africa, there are concerns about a new teen craze called "train surfing." As the name suggests, the practice involves balancing on the top of speeding trains while avoiding dangerous electricity cables.

In Soweto, dozens of young people have been injured and several killed "train surfing," but the risks are all part of the attraction for those taking part, according to the British television station Sky News.

According to Sky, drugs and alcohol play a big part in this hobby, with young men meeting after school to get high, and then later boarding trains to surf.

The men claim they gain respect from other gang members if they take the risk of "surfing" on top of the trains.

Others say they do it to impress the girls.

Tumil Malao was addicted to "train surfing" until the day he fell off a train.

"I remember I fell off the train. Then it was so painful. They said I can't use my legs, I live in a wheelchair, it's so sad," he told Sky News.

But Tumil's story doesn't put off other train surfers.

"Two of our friends, they are dead, killed by a hundred thousands volts," said train surfer Thabang Prince.

"The more they die, the more we want to die like them," added his friend Kbelo Edmond.

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Video courtesy APTN

Street Vendors Riot
Clashes broke out between street vendors and police in Nairobi during a protest by hawkers against attempts by local authorities to remove their stalls from the capital.

According to reports, Nairobi's City Council officers and police started to remove street vendors' stalls, which local authorities claim are illegal, igniting the protest.

Calling for the resignation of the minister for local government, Musikari Kombo, the protesters set at least one car on fire and burned barricades.

Street vendors form a large part of Kenya's informal economy.

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Wife-Carrying Contest
A group of daring duos braved a difficult obstacle course in a race for the seventh annual North American Wife Carrying Championship in Newry, Maine, on Oct. 8.

Former Olympic cross-country skier John Farra, wearing No. 4, won the championship by carrying his wife through the water trough and log hurdles.

Farra says he trained by running up a ski slope with 80 pounds of mortar mix.

His first-place finish earned him and his 110-pound wife her weight in beer and five times her weight in cash, or $550.

The couple also won a $1,000 reimbursement toward a trip to the world championships in Finland next July.

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