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Cast of "Hamilton" encourages people to vote on Tuesday

Obama: The character of U.S. is on the ballot
Obama: The character of U.S. is on the ballot... 01:41

The cast of "Hamilton" is out with a new song encouraging people to vote on Tuesday in the midterm elections.

Set to the theme of "The Election of 1800," the new get-out-the-vote video was tweeted out Saturday by Deanna Weaver, the show's assistant stage manager. She credited the song to the "genius mind" of conductor Kurt Crowley.

"Is anyone sick of politics?" "Me!" the Hamilton cast says at the top of the new song, which has already been viewed 154,000 times on Twitter.

The backstage video shows actors singing about the importance of voting. "The company of Hamilton won't get no satisfaction until we raise the voter turnout with a plan of action," they sing at one point. "It might be nice to get democracy back on track," they croon at another.

The show's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has made videos endorsing various Democratic candidates in the past. In 2016, the show landed in hot water when one of the actors addressed incoming Vice President Mike Pence from the stage.

On Sunday, the smash-hit show's official account tweeted out a video featuring many of the show's original stars, including Miranda, encouraging people to vote.

Since its premiere in 2015, Hamilton has shattered numerous Broadway records, becoming one of the most successful musicals of all time. The show dramatizes the life of Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. treasury secretary and architect of the nation's financial system.

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