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Cashier burned by hot coffee in $2.40 dispute, customer sought by Phila. cops

Philadelphia police are on the lookout for David Timbers (inset), who say they is the same man also seen here in a doughnut shop on May 8, 2012, before he threw hot coffee at a cashier CBS Philly

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Police are on the lookout for 52-year-old David Timbers, who they say threw a cup of hot coffee at a doughnut shop employee, causing second-degree burns in a dispute over $2.40, CBS Philly reports.

The entire incident was caught on tape on May 8 inside a Fresh Donuts store in west Philadelphia. Timbers is seen arguing with the clerk and insisting that he paid for his sandwich. The clerk maintained that he didn't, which added to Timbers' frustration.

"I paid her! She told me I didn't, so she can take that and keep the sandwich," said Timbers on tape.

Police said Timbers grabbed a cup of hot coffee from the employee's hand and threw it at her. The victim suffered second-degree burns on her arm.

Cameras inside the store show that Timbers indeed never paid $2.40, according to police.

The victim was visiting from York, Pa. for a couple weeks to give extra help to her cousin, who is the owner of the doughnut shop.

Timbers is described as a black male with a mustache who looks to be about 200 pounds and 6 feet, 2 inches. He was wearing a tan suit, tan shoes and a gold watch, and departed the scene in his gold or tan Cadillac.

Philadelphia police are urging the suspect to turn himself in, and request anyone with information to contact them - not only for the safety of employee, but others as well.

"This is a disagreement over $2.40 and you're going to injure someone for the rest of their lives," said Lieutenant Ray Evers. "If you can't resolve conflicts in a proper way, you really should not be on the streets."

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