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Casey Anthony verdict leads to #notguilty Twitter rage

Jenn Keller, right, reacts after Casey Anthony's not-guilty verdict was announced outside the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Anthony was acquitted Tuesday of murdering her 2-year-old daughter in what prosecutors portrayed as a cold-blooded attempt to free herself to party and be with her boyfriend. Phelan M. Ebenhack

(CBS) - Yesterday afternoon, the jury announced the verdict of "not guilty" on the most serious charges (murder, manslaughter, child abuse) on Casey Anthony's roster. Immediately after, Twitter exploded with top-trending hashtags like #notguilty, #wtfjury and #justiceforcaylee.

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And, no one held back. Not even celebrities:

"Still cannot believe Casey Anthony verdict just sitting here in Idaho gnashing my teeth to powder. After sentencing I will be all gums" -Gayle King, editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine

"I've been trying to gather my thoughts on the Casey Anthony trial all day... but honestly I just can't. I literally have no words..." -Sophia Bush actress on "One Tree Hill"

"Haven't tweeted all day because I am still speechless after hearing the Casey Anthony jaw is still frozen" -Katharine McPhee, singer and former "American Idol" contestant

"Casey Anthony admitted that her daughter died on HER watch. Isn't that the very definition of abuse/neglect? #JusticeForCaylee" -Emmy Rossum, actress

"The defense team should show some kind of respect for this poor baby. Now is not the time for arrogance..." -Caroline Manzo of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Non-celebs who also followed the trial tweeted similar sentiments:

"#CaseyAnthony trial shows that the real world isn't like CSI..." -ProPublica

"Casey Anthony verdict:one more sign to many Americans that US is going crazy, no longer makes sense.Didn't report missing child for 31 days?" -MedvedSHOW

"It's times like these where I lose faith in our justice system. But God is greater & I have no doubt he will bring justice." -analizazapien

But, some stand by the jury:

"I'm sick of people saying Casey Anthony is a murderer! She had a fair trial!" -Krystle_Kelley

"People are angry. They say Casey Anthony is 'getting away' with it. What would you have us do, kill her? What exactly are you clamoring for?" -chrisdude

Others point out that we shouldn't lose sight of what the trial was really about - justice for Caylee Anthony:

"Participating in 'Porch lights on in memory of Caylee Anthony' tonight! Life taken too soon! #justiceforcaylee" -toniamick

"I look outside and see so many porch lights on that aren't usually on.. My heart smiles #justiceforcaylee" -Carrrxo

What do you think about the verdict?