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Terrifying videos show crowd rushing to stabilize an out-of-control carnival ride

Viral videos captured the moment festival-goers in Michigan had to rush to prevent an out-of-control carnival ride from falling over while passengers were on board on Thursday night.

The incident took place at Traverse City's National Cherry Festival, witnesses say, and several people posted videos that show the Magic Carpet carnival ride — which features a row of seats attached to a large, swinging pendulum — as it suddenly began to rock forward and backward.

Arnold Amusements, the company that runs the carnival rides, says on its website that the Magic Carpet takes people 50 feet into the air.

Several people in the videos can be heard screaming as the posts that hold the ride's platform to the ground appear to suddenly become loose. The entire platform begins tilting back and forth as the passengers continue to swing, and someone who had been sitting on the ride's platform jumps off.

That's when festival-goers rushed in to help. At least a dozen can be seen running towards the ride and jumping up on the platform to hold it down and prevent it from tipping backwards.

According to the video, it took several minutes for the ride to come to a complete stop so passengers could safely get off. More than a dozen passengers could be seen on board, including children.

Festival organizers told CBS News that there were no injuries. In a statement, organizers said the ride had been removed and taken to its manufacturer for inspection. 

"Inspections of the rides happen daily and written reports are filled out and completed on each ride every morning prior to operation," executive director, Kat Paye, said. "I am grateful for the quick response of staff and community members and very thankful that there were no injuries."

Arnold Amusements could not immediately be reached for comment.

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