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Captain America goes bad in shocking comics twist

This is a total betrayal of trust.

If Marvel fans had a hard time stomaching Steve Rogers turning into a fugitive in his fight with Iron Man during "Captain America: Civil War," they're definitely not going to like this latest development.

Over in the world of comic books, where Marvel's characters have long explored arcs not connected to the popular films, the longtime American hero is revealing an epic plot twist.

In the first issue of the new "Captain America: Steve Rogers" title, released Wednesday, Cap let loose a shocking revelation. Here's the visual spoiler, so be ready:

Captain America makes a shocking declaration in "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1, published May 25, 2016. Marvel Comics

That's right, Steve Rogers -- the man who subjected himself to experimentation in order to defeat the Nazis, who's been fighting Hydra his entire life -- is actually a Hydra sleeper agent.

"Steve is working to destroy the Marvel Universe as an agent of Hydra," editor Tom Brevoort told BuzzFeed, insisting that this character "actually Steve Rogers, not a duplicate or a clone or a robot or anything like that."

The reveal has far-reaching implications for the entire Marvel Comics universe, but readers will have to wait to find out what they are.

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