Cantor: Time for Washington to "set aside" differences

As President Obama officially embarks upon his second term, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., is calling on lawmakers of all stripes to "set aside" their political differences in order to produce "a government that works."

Cantor, speaking on "CBS This Morning" hours before Mr. Obama's swearing in ceremony, argued that contrary to appearances "we are all in this together -- no matter who you voted for, no matter where you are philosophically."

"There's some very weighty issues -- some extremely challenging items that we've got on the agenda," he said. "I do hope though, we can begin to get down to work as soon as possible, try and set aside the differences that have been plaguing Washington over the last couple years and actually get something done."

House Republicans announced last week their decision to hold a vote to raise the debt ceiling, potentially averting a contentious debate many expected to go down to the wire this February. Cantor said today House Republicans are committed to working on passing a federal budget "so we can begin to see how we're going to pay off this debt; how we're going to spend other people's money, the taxpayers' money; and begin an earnest discussion about the real issues facing this country."

"I think times demand as much," he said. "It's time that Washington get with it, and that is why I believe, hopefully, the Senate can see clear to doing a budget, putting a spending plan out there for the world to see... So we can begin to unite around the things that bring us together, set aside the differences, and get some results."