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Cancer patient's Craigslist offer of unconditional love creates domino effect

A Canadian man wants you to hear about the generosity of a Chicagoan, CBS Chicago reports.

Brice Royer is a cancer patient in Vancouver who was told by his doctor that feeling loved and cared for is the world's best medicine.

So, he put an ad on Craig's list, offering unconditional love for free.

It ended up touching a lot of people, including a homeless mother living in a shelter.

She offered to cook for Royer, and when he learned she was homeless he started an online fundraiser for her that's well on its way to raising the goal of $25,000.

That's where the Chicagoan comes in. Royer says Lou Jenkins gave the smallest donation - $1 - but it may have been the most meaningful.

"He said 'That's my last dollar in my account. But I know what it's like to stay in a shelter,' and that just blew me away. I mean, who does that?" Royer says.

"Personally, I've been homeless and had to stay in a shelter myself, as a matter of fact at this time last year. I can't imagine what it would be like for a child," Jenkins told WBBM's Mike Krauser.

Jenkins said he's fortunate to have what he has. He figured: Why not help in a small way?

He could use a little help, himself, getting to Texas, where he has a job awaiting him driving a truck.