Mom gives birth to twins born in different years

Gabriella Salguiero was born in 2013, while Sophia was born in 2014
Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital
ONTARIO, Canada -- While some twins delivered around midnight have different birthdays, Lindsay Salguiero delivered twins with different birth years

Newborn twins Gabriella and Sophia were delivered on New Years Eve, with only eight minutes between them, at Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital in Ontario. Gabriella was born in 2013, Sophia was born 38 seconds after midnight, in 2014.

 The twins’ arrival came as a surprise since Salgueiro’s due date was Jan. 19. But the proud mother is overjoyed regardless.

“They are getting all the attention,” Salgueiro told CTV news. “They were the last baby here in the hospital to be (born) for the year and the first one of the year also.”

The twins were born into a large family that already includes two boys under the age of six. Now, the Holidays will be even more busy at the Salgeuiro household.

"Our New Years are never going to be the same again," she said.

Both babies are healthy, though the elder may develop a superiority complex soon.