Can you create celebrity status out of thin air? Interesting social experiment says "yes"

(CBS) - You haven't been in any movies, television series or made any professional sports teams... so is it possible for you to create celebrity status out of thin air? The answer, according to this video, is a definitive "yes." Watch and see.

And just like that, Thomas Elliot achieves mini-celebrity status.  The fascinating video entitled "Celebrity For The Day" was posted by YouTube user CHILLHILLmedia who writes:

Last Saturday we went to a popular mall in Virginia and conducted a bit of a social experiment. Using his real first and middle name, and with the help of just a few staged people, tons of people believed Thomas was a famous actor, including mall security. The mall assigned us a security detail who escorted us everywhere and helped close stores for the supposed celebrity. They also took us through private corridors to avoid the frenzy. Our cameras were quickly shut down, and most of our footage was captured with a single iphone. The following is just a taste of all the autographs, pictures, and people who wanted get close to all the commotion. Do something fun today.

So have you all heard about this amazing blogger going totally viral on the Internet by the name of William Goodman?  Rumor has it that he's totally dreamy... feel free to pass that on.