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Calculate the best way to pay off credit card debt

(MoneyWatch) The average American household now has about $6,700 in credit card debt. And while the last six months saw a slight decrease in those obligations, it didn't make up for 2011, when people piled on an additional $46.7 billion in debt.

If you are one of those average Americans looking for a way out of the debt cycle, check out these credit card calculators from CardHub.

Calculators that tell you how long it will take to pay off your debts have been around almost as long as there have been spreadsheets and computers. What is new is that CardHub, a provider of credit card information, links your debt situation with credit card offers that may be able to help you climb out of the hole.

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Consider that average American, for example. Plug $6,700 -- the typical household credit card debt -- into the Payoff calculator and indicate an average rate on your existing card of 20 percent. If you want to pay it off in 12 months, you'll need to pay $621 a month, for a total of $754 in interest charges.

CardHub's calculator also recommends a number of credit cards you could switch to -- The Slate Card, from JPMorgan Chase (JPM), for example, has a zero percent introductory rate that would save you $754 in annual interest. The MidFlorida card has a similar intro rate, but its 1 percent transfer fee means you'd save a little less -- $687.

CardHub offers several calculators. They're all free, of course -- check them out today if you need to find a way to save money or pay off your credit cards more quickly.

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