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Cage Put Brakes On <I> M:I2</I>

A couple of big-screen heavyweights - Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise - faced off at theaters this weekend.

Apparently, Cage put more pedal to the metal, and Gone in 60 Seconds came to a screeching stop in the number one spot, reports CBS Early Show contributor Laurie Hibberd. Its ticket sales brought in $25.5 million.

Cruise managed to hang on to the number two spot with Mission: Impossible 2, grossing $17.1 million. Big Momma's House, dropped to third ($16.8 million), followed by two films with staying power: Dinosaur, which took in $8.8 million this weekend and a total of $110.5 million over its five-week run; and Gladiator, with $7.1 million this weekend and $150.2 million in its six weeks in theaters.

Action fans who wanted to go see an action flick already have seen M:I-2 and were looking forward to something different. But those who, based on advance hype, expected romance were sorely disappointed. Oscar-winner actress Angelina Jolie had a role that was little more than a glorified cameo.

And for a movie that was promoted as a car-chase film, there were few good chase scenes. If you've ever seen Bullet, you know what a good car chase is in a movie. Gone In 60 Seconds just didn't deliver as promised.

This was the best-grossing debut Cage has had, although his action-adventure movies always open strong. His second best showing was The Rock which took in $25 million on its opening weekend.

When he does something more avant-garde, such as Snake Eyes, City of Angeles or 8mm, opening weekend audiences fall off.

One of the big stories of the season is Frequency. A little movie that could, it's been out for two months and has been consistently in the top 10. This weekend, it was in eighth place with $1.47 million for the weekend and $40.1 million cumulatively.

Another strong showing has been posted by Road Trip which moviegoers either love - and go to see several times - or hate. In seventh place, it took in $4.7 million this weekend and $53.9 million in its four weeks of release.

Rounding out the top 10, according to are: Shanghai Noon, in fourth place ($5.8 million); Small Time Crooks in ninth place ($1.3 million) and U-571 in 10th place ($1.1 million).

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