Buying The Fountain Of Youth

Consumers will buy almost anything to reverse the aging process, even if the claims have very little to do with reality.

CBS News Correspondent Robert Baskin spoke with skin care expert Paula Begoun who turned consumer advocate when she realized nobody protects customers against some cosmetic claims that are no more than wishful thinking.

"According to the FDA, cosmetics don't have to prove their claims, and they don't have to prove their safety record. The consumer is the guinea pig in the world of cosmetics," said Begoun.

John Bailey, Ph.D monitors the cosmetic industry for the Food & Drug Administration. "Well, in the cosmetics business, we're kind of used to hype. I think it comes in the general perception of puffery that comes along with cosmetics.

CBS News asked Dr. Bailey and Paula Begoun to help sort out the facts from the fiction.

Baskin explores the myths about "natural" products, "hypoallergenic" products, and the most popular anti-aging ingredient today - Alpha Hydroxy Acids. She tells you what the cosmetic companies don't tell you.

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