Busy Philipps swears off Uber after she was "almost murdered"

Busy Philipps attends the Fashion L.A. Awards on April 2, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

It looks like Busy Philipps is about to become a loyal Lyft customer.

The former “Cougar Town” star took to social media Saturday to recount a harrowing and bizarre tale about an Uber ride gone wrong, using nearly 50 entries on her Instagram Stories to do so. 

Busy started off with an Instagram photo of herself standing on the sidewalk along Sunset Boulevard in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood with the caption, “Seconds before I was almost murdered by a random dude in an Uber...”

In the subsequent videos -- which stayed posted to her Stories account for 24 hours before disappearing -- Philipps explained what had happened when she and her husband, Marc Silverstein, attempted to get home from dinner using the car service app. 

The couple first suspected something was amiss when the SUV they’d ordered arrived but stopped farther away from them than they expected, but they got in anyway.

“I say [to Marc], ‘What’s going on, are we about to get murdered?’” Philipps recalled. “A man that we didn’t know existed in the back seat pops up, and he was like, ‘I promise that’s not going to happen.’ It was very creepy the way he chose to say it -- even though he wasn’t going to murder us, he made it seem like he might.”

“I started screaming, ‘I’m not going to be killed today! I will not f**king be killed today,’” she recounted. “‘No! You cannot kill us! F**k no!’”

At the end of the series of videos, Philipps vowed to stop using the service. 

“I’m done with Uber. Never again. Never again,” Philipps she. “That was legitimately the scariest, weirdest, worst thing that’s ever happened in a car situation for me.”

Uber is reportedly looking into the incident.