Businessman Sues Ex-Lover School Teacher for Sex Tape

VANCOUVER (AP) A West Vancouver businessman is suing his former lover after discovering she videotaped their sex acts and showed them to her ex-husband.

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In a British Columbia Supreme Court lawsuit, the man known only as C.P.G. claims he had no idea he was being videotaped while he and the woman were "intimately engaged."

C.P.G. claims he later learned that while his girlfriend was married, she would tape sex acts with other men and allow her husband to watch them.

The lawsuit also claims the relationship ended in August 2001 when the woman's ex-husband brutally assaulted C.P.G. in his own home.

C.P.G. claims that had the woman — who's a school teacher — warned him about her videotaping habit, he wouldn't have entered into the relationship.

He's suing for damages for invasion of privacy, conspiracy to injury, battery, deceit and pain and suffering.

PICTURES: Top 10 Sex Tape Scandals of 2009