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Businesses Ban Bratty Kids

Comedian Adrianne Frost was so fed up with other people's kids that she wrote a book called "I Hate Other People's Kids."

It's so bad, Frost said that if kids walk into a restaurant she's dining in, she will leave. If they sit down behind her on a plane, "I jump out with a parachute," Frost told The Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen, who has a year-old son.

The Early Show is beginning a three-part series called "The Bratty Bunch," which focuses on dealing with badly behaved kids, something Koeppen understands well. She said that she feels embarrassed when her son misbehaves in public.

Unruly kids make good comedy for Frost, but for many people it's no laughing matter. Dan McCuley, who owns a café in Chicago, said that some kids were behaving terribly when they came in with their parents.

"The kids were kind of out of control and they weren't being supervised," he said.

McCuley put a sign on the door that warned: "Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices."

"It's been very good for business. Since we put the sign up, business has increased 33 percent," he said.

Business is also up at some kid-free hotels such as SuperClubs Resort in Jamaica. In New York, Jodi Smith has created her own class, "manners for minors," which teaches parents how to end bratty behavior.

"Kids even as young as 1 1/2 and 2 understand the difference between when they can be silly and when they shouldn't be," Smith said.

Frost has her own cure for bratty kids.

"The solution is harnesses and leashes," she said.

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