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Bush Twins: Mom's Humor 'Wicked'

During their father's first presidential campaign, the Bush twins kept an extremely low profile. But this time around, Barbara and Jenna Bush are stepping into the spotlight.

In a recent interview with the A&E network for a biography on their mother, first lady Laura Bush, the girls spoke about family and politics.

Those two topics came together Tuesday night at the Republican convention as daughters Jenna and Barbara took the floor to introduce their mother.

"Jenna and I aren't very political, but we love our Dad too much to watch from the sidelines," Barbara Bush said.

They introduced their father, the president, who then, via satellite, introduced their mother Laura, one of the evening's main speakers.

In this revealing interview with the A&E network the twins spoke candidly about their mom.,

"I think I'm very similar to my mom in her temperament," Barbara Bush said, "She's very level-headed. And I feel like I am, too. And she's calm and I am, too."

Jenna Bush added, "I'm more like my father, personality-wise. But my mom and I get alone really well - obviously, because my mom and my dad get along so well. We never really had a disciplinarian. We never really needed someone to. Well, we did obviously. They both played different roles, Dad was the funnier one that would get angrier, and my mom would be calmly disappointed, which is painful."

To those outside the family, the first lady always appears to be perfectly proper, but her daughters reveal that in private she has a wicked sense of humor.

Jenna Bush said, "Sometimes she will say something and Barbara and I will be like 'Mom!' (laugh) I mean every once and a while she will say a cuss word and Barbara and I will be totally shocked, and she does it only for shock value because she's so calm. My dad thinks she's hilarious. They laugh at each other all the time. She has a dry sense of humor. She has so many quirks in her personality and she's really cute acting; she has a really cute personality, we think.

"But she is bizarrely clean, very organized. For the first year of my parents' marriage, she would make him take off his shoes before he walked in. Now it's rubbed off on my dad; he's like, 'There's a towel on the floor,' whereas before he was like… "

Barbara Bush interrupted, "He always jokes that he takes off his shoes on the carpet because he doesn't want to mess up the vacuum lines."

Jenna Bush noted, "Our friends would spend the night and she would walk in on Saturday morning at, like, 8:45, which is pretty early for high school kids, and walk in and open the door and say, 'Jen and Barbara it's time to wake up,' and all of our friends would say, 'Oh why did we stay here?'

"'It's time to wake up. You know in that lower drawer there's a box of photos that we really should organize it.' When the truth is our biggest priority was not organizing the photos."

It hasn't always been easy being the president's daughters. But even when they had a brush with the law for underage drinking, they say their parents never demanded that they be anything other than normal kids.

Barbara Bush said, "I don't think she was thrilled that we got media for things that we did because we already knew that we had made a bad decision. I don't think either of us felt pressured that we were the president's daughters, that we had to act any differently. If anything the pressure was what we put on ourselves, to reach our goals, not that we thought others were so curious about us."

Jenna Bush added, "I'm sure there were times when I wish I had thought, 'Gosh, that might really embarrass mom and dad,' but our parents didn't raise us to think about them. They're very selfless and they wanted us to have as normal of a college life as possible. So really, we didn't think of any repercussions. We were working really hard to make sure we accomplish everything we want in life, but we don't think about being the president's daughter; we don't think about that, really."

On Tuesday night, Jenna and Barbara Bush did their part to help get their dad re-elected. But according to the twins the secret to their father's success is their mother.

Jenna Bush said, "I think that if he had never met my mom, there is no way that he could have been as successful as he is. Just because she is so stable and so supportive, and so giving; she travels and works for him. But she would never think not to. They have a pretty unconditional love. But she's really great. She's really supportive."

You can get more of the interview with the Bush twins in a biography of Laura Bush, which airs Wednesday at 8 p.m./ET on the A&E network.

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