Bush: Mother Calls Clinton "My Fourth Brother"

Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have joined President Obama to spearhead American relief to victims of Haiti's devasting earthquake. During a Saturday interview for "Face the Nation" at the White House, the two politically opposite former President's admitted how close a relationship they actually have.

Moderator Bob Schieffer asked both men if they consider one another good friends. "Yeah I do," Bush replied. "Me too," Clinton echoed.

"My mother…calls him my fourth brother," Bush admitted. "The black sheep of the family," Clinton joked.

President Bush admitted that on occasion he would call his predecessor while in the White House.

"I was always pleased when he called me," Clinton said. "I'd try to make it a practice never to bother the president. I don't call President Obama either, I don't think it's you know, they've got plenty to do. But I, we have developed a very honest, good friendship," Clinton explained.

"We've made our disagreements respectful and we've had a good time doing it," he added.