"Bus Naked": Driver arrested for sun-bathing nude on school grounds

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

WEATHERFORD, Texas -- A school bus driver could have benefited from a stop sign before he apparently decided to sun-bathe naked in the parking lot of a suburban Fort Worth middle school.

Mayford K. Davis, who transported students in the Weatherford Independent School District, was cited for indecent exposure and fired.

The Weatherford Democrat reports police received a report of a nude man near a middle school on Sunday. Oct. 26, after which officers say they located the 69-year-old in the parking lot of the Tilsom School.

The witness reportedly told police that Davis was "nude and lying face down in the grassy area between the air conditioners and the outer fence on the southeast side of the main school building."

Cmdr. Chris Crawford says Davis claimed he was taking advantage of a warm day to sun-bathe.

Davis was fired Oct. 27 by the bus company, First Student Inc.

He was also cited for disorderly conduct due to indecent exposure.

Davis reportedly told authorities that he never saw anyone on school grounds on Sunday afternoons and was looking for a secluded place because he needed the sunlight, since he's vitamin D deficient.

Oh, the vitamin D deficiency defense -- stay tuned.