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Burris Battles Critics and Traffic Lights

No one can blame the most anticipated arrival to Capitol Hill to be a little distracted this morning, but Senate appointee Roland Burris almost walked into traffic walking to the Senate building this morning.

Holding a big black umbrella, Burris approached a Washington, D.C. intersection as people started yelling, "Its a red light, "then, "red light! red light!" Two large men put their hands on Burris' shoulders, who bent down and puffed up his cheeks in relief. No one seemed more comforted over his good fortune than Burris. "I am just playing," he said with a relieved smile before a car screeched by and honked its horn.

Burris was accompanied by about five handlers who found the wet, 71-year-old politician an umbrella, blocked questions from eager journalists and occasionally shouted, "curb, curb."

Watch It Happen:

In church on Sunday, Burris said he believes his appointment to the US Senate was "ordained by God." A omniscient deity or some careful handlers, someone was looking out for him this morning.

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