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Burn calories before Thanksgiving dinner with these at-home moves

Millions of turkeys will be roasting in Americans' ovens this Thanksgiving as people prepare to feast. If you're planning on consuming a massive amount of calories and fat, get a jump-start on burning off that bird with some at-home calorie torching moves.

In much less time than it takes to cook a turkey, you can pump up your heart rate, get a good sweat going, strengthen your muscles, and get a full body workout at home.

"If you stuff your face and want to work out afterward, it's probably not going to happen. Getting your heart rate up before you eat is a good idea. You're not going to negate all the food you're going to eat but it will make you feel a little bit better," says Michael Tosto, owner of Title Boxing Club.

To get a quick energy boost, try shadow boxing for about 10 minutes. Even without the heavy bag, shadow boxing -- throwing hooks, uppercuts, jabs and crosses -- can be a workout on its own. Tosto also suggests doing some strength building moves using your body weight as resistance while you're waiting to eat.

Michael Tosto

To build strength and definition in your arms, start with three sets of ten pushups. Tosto suggests you do the first set with your palms directly below your shoulders. For the second set, bring your hands together so they make a triangle formation -- that will target your chest and triceps. For the third set, get crazy and try alternately leaning to the right or left side."

Michael Tosto

When your arms are fatigued, it's time to hit the legs. Tosto's favorite moves include a minute each of squat jumps, walking lunges, and burpees. That last one may sound like it should come after you've indulged in your decadent meal, but trust me, you will want to get your burpees out of the way before your stomach is full.

Michael Tosto

To do a burpee, you drop into a pushup position, do a pushup, then jump your feet to your hands, stand up and jump up. "They are excruciating, and that's how you know you're doing them right," says Tosto.

Now that you've conquered your legs, it's time to move on to the core. Tosto has three go-to core strengthening moves: planks, standard crunches and leg lifts. The standard crunch is done with the legs bent in a 90 degree angle, hands behind your head and chin up toward the ceiling. "These are simply the best exercises you can do for your core," Tosto says.

MIchael Tosto

If you have extra energy left after this workout, suggests a fun way to get your pre-dinner calorie burn on; pull in a few members of the family, blast some upbeat tunes and have a 40-minute dance party.

This activity will release feel-good endorphins and burn off about 200 calories.

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