Burger King Whopper of a Lawsuit; Spat Over Worker's Saliva Even Involves DNA Testing

Burger King Wopper (AP Photo, file)
Burger King Whopper (AP Photo, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS/AP) Hold the saliva, please...

A sheriff's deputy in Washington State is suing Burger King and a franchise operator over a whopper he says a worker spit on (yes, a spit spat).

What's more, it's a federal case.

Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Edward Bylsma says in the lawsuit that he stopped for a meal at a Vancouver, Wash., Burger King early one morning in March 2009 and got an "uneasy feeling" about two of its workers.

When he checked his hamburger, the suit says, he found a big gob of spit. Believe it or not, eventually DNA testing matched the saliva to one of the workers, who pleaded guilty to assault.

You read correctly, assault.

The federal court suit filed Tuesday in Portland seeks at least $75,000 and names Burger King Corp. and franchise operator Kaizen Restaurants in Beaverton, Ore.

Burger King and Kaizen said in a statement Wednesday they have "zero tolerance" for the workers' actions, and that both employees have been fired.

But the lawsuit still sizzles.

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