Black Man Says White Burger King Worker Spat in his Food

(AP Photo, file)
ERIE, Pa. (CBS/AP) Glenn Goodwin, a black truck driver from Cleveland, claims that a white worker at a Pennsylvania Burger King spat on his food while a co-worker tried to obscure his view.

Photo: Burger King Whopper sandwich.

In a federal discrimination lawsuit filed Tuesday, Goodwin says the worker spat in his food in Nov. 2008 at a fast-food restaurant in Fairview, about 96 miles east of Pittsburgh.

The lawsuit claims state police investigated and discovered saliva in Goodwin's food, but police have not returned calls seeking to confirm the information.

Burger King Spokeswoman Denise Wilson says the fast-food chain takes the matter seriously and strives to serve customers well, regardless of their race.

The Burger King workers have not been identified.