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Burger King Twitter hacked, posting under "McDonalds"

Updated 11:00 pm EST

The official Twitter for fast food chain Burger King appeared to have been hacked Monday. The picture for the account was changed to the golden arches of McDonalds and the account is tweeting some decidedly un-corporate friendly things.

The Burger King account, with 85,048 followers, changed its account picture from the actual Burger King logo to that of rival McDonalds a little after noon Eastern Time. The account - still listed under @BurgerKing - has also changed its name to McDonalds.

Hacked account of @Burgerking
Hacked account of @Burgerking Twitter

Recent tweets from the compromised account mention the hacker group Anonymous and LulzSec. @BurgerKing also used the hashtag #OpMadCow, presumably in reference to this apparent hacking operation.

The hackers have also linked to popular hip hop stars and has posted profanity-laded tweets.

Update: After the account was briefly suspended, Burger King has restored its old picture and summary. "Interesting day here at Burger King, but we're back! Welcome to our new followers. Hope you all stick around!" the company tweeted. The illegitimate tweets have been deleted. No word on who may have been responsible for the breach.

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