Bullrun Live Rally from New York to Vegas Nets Speeding Tickets, Arrest for High-Speed Racers


DENVER (CBS/AP) Burt Reynolds would not be pleased by the way a group of high-end racers have picked up his cross-country racing mantel - these "Bandits" all got caught by "Smokey".

Colorado authorities say five drivers were ticketed for excessive speed and a sixth man was even arrested during a luxury auto rally from New York City to Las Vegas, Wednesday.

The Bullrun Live Rally calls itself "a high-end luxury lifestyle automotive rally," and commands a $20,000 entrance fee, according to their website.

The Colorado State Patrol said it received several complaints as the racers passed through Colorado on Wednesday.

Nicholas Steinman, 22, of Greenwich, Conn., was allegedly leading the pack in his 2010 BMW M3 while going more 105 mph in a 65 mph zone near Idaho Springs, Colo. when he was arrested for reckless driving, according to Trooper Heather Cobler. Steinman was booked into Clear Creek County Jail and posted a $1,000 bond. He faces charges of reckless driving and excessive speed.

Cobler said five other drivers were also ticketed and several others received warnings. She says several of the cars in the rally had police scanners.

No word on whether they were plugged in.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman participated in the 2005 rally and was also ticketed for speeding in Colorado.