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Bullock Performs Double Duty

Although most actors are happy just to star in a movie, some want to take it to the next level. That's what Sandra Bullock has done in Gun Shy.

The Early Show's Bryant Gumbel reports Bullock not only appears in the film, she produced it.

Bullock plays a supporting character in this dark comedy about an undercover bust of Mafia money laundering co-starring Liam Neeson (Charlie) and Oliver Platt (Fulvio).

As nurse Judy Tipp, Bullock has an unconventional point of view about medicine: She starts out trying to heal Charlie's upset stomach and ends up stealing his heart.

While she has co-produced other films, this is the first she has produced on her own. "You can only practice so much. You might as well try it," Bullock says.

"Every time you do it, it can either be a great experience or an absolute nightmare. And I think I like that gamble," she adds.

"To get this one made,...I had to take on a partner to get financing. And then you have to proceed to beg other actors to do it," Bullock says.

"The script was so strong that we got the likes of Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt and Mary McCormack," she says. "Great cast that were just willing to waive the fee...mostly waive the fee."

"You give them a role that normally they would never get," she explains, adding no one was typecast in the film. "Actors are always willing to do a great part for, you know, small amounts of cash if it's something that usually they're going to be given the opportunity."

She took a supporting role in the film, and acting wasn't her priority this time around. "If you're there 16 hours a day for almost two years, don't want to worry about what your closeup is going to look like," she adds.

Could this be the first film where boy meets girl and they fall in love because girl gave boy an enema? "I believe so," Bullock says. "We did a lot of research because we wanted to be original. We wanted to have something that was cutting edge, something that no one else was doing on film."

A specific sound was sought for the film, which showcases Bob Schneider's band. "I didn't find them," Bullock insists. "They happened to be in the same place I was." She adds, "They had that irony and that darkness that we needed. They came through like gangbusters."

The first film Bullock produced with her production company, Fortis Films, was Hope Floats. She also co-produced Practical Magic, a romantic comedy with Nicole Kidman.

In 1994, Speed, opened the door for Bullock's other roles in movies like While You Were Sleeping, The Net, A Time to Kill, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Thing Called Love, The Vanishing, Demolition Man, and Two If by Sea. Recently she performed in Betty Thomas' 28 Days, and last year she played opposite Be Affleck in Forces of Nature.

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