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Bruno Mars calls Adele “a diva”

Bruno Mars wasn’t the biggest fan of Adele’s attitude when the two singers first got together.

Mars teamed up with Adele for “All I Ask,” a track of her latest album, but the collaboration process proved that all she asked was quite a bit. 

“She walks into the studio, she’s got all this attitude, she’s a diva,” Mars said during an interview with the Cubby & Carolina Bermudez In The Morning radio show on Tuesday.

“She’s like, ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t like that,’” he recalled. “And then as soon as we hit a couple chords that she liked, we started rolling and that’s where we got that song from.”

First impressions aside, Mars admitted he was blown away by the “Hello” singer once the work was really underway. 

“She’s incredible,” Mars said. “There was a moment when she was singing in the booth -- and I’m not exaggerating at all -- and the water was vibrating. “Like, you know that scene in ‘Jurassic Park’? She’s got some pipes on her, and she’s just a superstar.”

Mars also let it be known he’d be up for performing the track live with Adele -- if only she’d get in touch with him.

“I don’t know what she’s waiting on, man,” he said. :I’m like come on Adele, like, send an email, let me know!”