Brooklyn Subway Attack Update: Facebook friends ID suspect Aidan Folan in violent beating and robbery of woman, report says

(CBS) NEW YORK - Aidan Folan, a 21-year-old man arrested and charged in connection with the violent robbery of a 56-year-old woman at a Brooklyn subway station, was outed by his Facebook friends after they recognized a sweatshirt the suspect was wearing in surveillance video from the attack, The New York Daily News reports.

PICTURES: Man charged in violent NYC robbery

Folan is charged with robbery and assault after allegedly attacking Dina Perez as she got off a subway train around 2:30 a.m. on March 9, police said, according to CBS New York. Folan allegedly fled the scene with unspecified personal items he stole from Perez.

The entire attack was captured on surveillance video and goes on for a few minutes. Perez is seen walking down the right side of the stairs from the subway platform, while the suspect follows a short distance behind her on the left side.

Once they reach the bottom of the stairs, the man grabs Perez, throws her to the ground, kicks her, stomps on her and bangs her head against the wall, before emptying what appears to be her purse. The man then runs out the swinging door that leads to and from the staircase.

Perez told CBS 2's Dave Carlin that she recognizes Folan as the man responsible for the crime. She is nursing a broken hand was bruised following the incident.

Police say it was Folan's sweatshirt that gave them their biggest break in the case, CBS 2 reports.

On the front of Folan's hoodie are the Greek letters for the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity and on the back is a slang term in Italian and the number 27. Folan has it on in several photos on social media.