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Bristol Palin to Harper's Bazaar: Mom Should Run in 2012

Bristol Palin's tea party with son Tripp (Danielle Levitt/ Harper's Bazaar)

NEW YORK (CBS) Controversial teen mom Bristol Palin, daughter of current Tea Party poster queen Sarah Palin, speaks with Harper's Bazaar on her views of President Obama, speculation on her mom's 2012 political plans and whether her mother, Sarah Palin, even gets a word in.

PICTURES: Levi Johnston, Bristol's Baby Daddy

At just 19-years-old, Bristol walks us through her young adult life in Alaska, growing up a political lightning rod. When not making TV appearances or advocating abstinence as ambassador for the Candie's Foundation, the teen juggles work with the joys and pitfalls of raising her son Tripp, who is now 15 months old.

"I thought I would be somewhere warm at college with my friend," says Bristol in the magazine's June issue. "But that was definitely not possible with having Tripp."

As for Tripp's father, former boyfriend Levi Johnston, 20, who's become the fodder of Playgirl pictorials, Bristol offers her perception on their time together and steers away from spreading any gossip. "I just ignore it," she says. "He's just a stranger to me. "

On the Obama administration, Bristol has a few choice words about the man who killed her mother's vice-presidential aspirations. "He's acting like the government can and should take care of everyone," she says. "That is completely contrary to what made America a great nation."

Asked whether her mother could do a better job in 2012, Bristol says, "I don't know if my mom will run but she should."

Sarah, herself, even chimes in on her daughter's compelling yet not typical teen life stating: "Decisions were made, and we can't unwind those decisions," later adding "consequences are being dealt with. I'm sincerely proud of her."

The full article and pictorial are available in Harper's Bazaar.

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