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"Bridge to Terabithia" Out On DVD

Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb starred in the box office surprise "Bridge to Terabithia" based on the children's novel by Katherine Patterson. Now the movie about the power of children's' imagination is available on DVD.

"I think it's a really important message right now," AnnaSophia told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "Because a lot of kids are playing a ton of video games. And, I mean, video games are fun, but you have to have a good balance of using your imagination and being outside and also, you know, playing your video games at home. But I think this movie might make them want to go outside and have a good time."

The story is about two children who are isolated from and teased by their peers. They find solace in the woods and create an imaginary world of their own called Terabithia. The story resonated with both children and adults because not only did it take grownups back to their childhood, it also inspires children to take to the trees to find a place just for them, AnnaSophia said.

It reminded Josh of a difficult time in his life. He began acting in fourth or fifth grade and kids began to bully him because he was doing something different.

"I tried to overcome it and realize they were doing it because they got a kick out of seeing me upset," he said. "I had to try to not let it bother me. That was a lot easier said than done. It's a good thing to teach kids how to stand up to bullies."

Josh's character Jess wanted to be the fastest kid in school and AnnaSophia's character, the new kid at school, Leslie, comes in and ruins his dream by beating him in a race. Josh wasn't very happy with that aspect of the plot.

"On tape, on camera, he actually beat me just to prove to everyone that he was the fastest," AnnaSophia said.

Despite the rivalry, the two stars became close friends off-screen as well as on.

"In movies, you don't know if you're going to like them or not," Josh said. "We met a couple hours before flying to New Zealand so we became good friends."

The DVD also includes some extras like AnnaSophia's video for the song she sang for the movie. But she doesn't think a singing career is on the horizon.

"I had a lot of fun doing the music video and singing the song," she said. "It came kind of as a shock to me because I didn't know I'd be singing a song for the movie, but I had a great time. I think I'll stick to acting."