Brewed Awakening: Man Busted for Drinking Coffee Naked in His Own House

(Personal Photo)
Eric Williamson.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (CBS/AP) - All Eric Williamson wanted was a cup of coffee to start his day.

With his roommates already out of the house, the twenty-nine-year-old Virgina man decided to help himself to some joe while in the buff.


But things got complicated when a passer-by spotted the bare-skinned barista while taking her 7-year-old son to the local school bus stop.


Apparently not impressed with the x-rated view, the concerned mom called police, and now Williamson is facing indecent exposure charges for sitting naked in his own house.

The au naturel father-of-one denies any wrongdoing and says any exposure was accidental.

"Yes, I wasn't wearing any clothes but I was alone, in my own home and just got out of bed. It was dark and I had no idea anyone was outside looking in at me," Williamson said.

But Fairfax County Police see it differently.

Spokeswoman Mary Ann Jennings said the woman and her son first saw Williamson standing naked inside his doorway as they walked along a path outside his home.

Police say Williamson then followed the two from inside his home and exposed himself again through a large front window.

Police would not pursue a case based on inadvertent exposure, Jennings said.

"I am a loving dad," Williamson said. "Any of my friends and anyone knows that and there is not a chance on this planet I would ever, ever, ever do anything like that to a kid."

The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

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