Bremer Exclusive: Jailed Saddam

Chief U.S. Administrator's First Interview Since Capture Of Former Iraqi Leader

L. Paul Bremer III, the U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq, will appear in his first interview since the capture of Saddam Hussein, in a report by correspondent Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes, Sunday, Dec. 21, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Bremer is among a handful of people to have visited the former Iraqi dictator in captivity.

Pelley will also interview at least one of the members of the Iraqi Governing Council who came face to face with Saddam and tells Pelley about the confrontation and words exchanged with him.

A spokesman for the U.S.-led authority in Iraq confirmed Friday that Bremer escaped an ambush on his convoy two weeks ago in Baghdad. CBS News reports that the attack on Bremer's convoy took place on Dec. 6, the same day Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrived in Baghdad -- but has been kept quiet by the coalition authority until now.

Bremer's convoy was struck by a roadside bomb, and then ambushed by insurgents with automatic weapons — typical of the attacks seen almost daily against U.S. troops. No one was injured in the attack, which took place on a stretch of highway in west Baghdad near the airport.

Bremer has not curtailed his schedule of touring Iraq since the incident, said Dan Senor, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition that oversees Iraq.