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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: I Heart Boobies, Do You?

I (Heart) Boobies bracelets hope to raise money for breast cancer.
I (Heart) Boobies bracelets hope to raise money for breast cancer. (Keep a Breast Foundation) Keep a Breast Foundation

LARAMIE, Wyo. (CBS/AP) If you love boobs,  you might love a clever campaign hoping to save them.

The California-based nonprofit Keep A Breast Foundation has a hit on their hands with  "I (heart) boobies" wristbands. So far the light-hearted campaign has sold 2 million rubber bracelets at $4 a pop.

The foundation says they are dedicated to educating young women to identify the warning signs of breast cancer early. Breast cancer is unusual in young women, but when it strikes it's often aggressive. Nearly 41,000 women die from breast cancer each  year, according to the CDC.

The trinkets have become popular with students, but not everyone is amused.

Schools from California to Florida have banned the bracelets because they believe the "boobies" language is inappropriate. In Sioux Falls, the O'Gorman High School principal says the wristband language "trivializes the issue."

Maybe the boobs just don't get it.

You can get your bracelets here: Keep a Breast Foundation.

Watch Students React to Bracelet Ban in Minnesota.

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