"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston: Walter White's "a bad dude"

"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston appears on "CBS This Morning."
"Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston appears on "CBS This Morning."
CBS News

(CBS News) Bryan Cranston thinks his "Breaking Bad" character Walter White is "a bad dude," and the show is "not for everyone."

"Our show is very pungent," Cranston said on "CBS This Morning." "It has a taste and a smell to it, that if you like your meat separate from your potatoes and your vegetables. you're not going to like this. We mix it in a little bit."

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Pictures: Bryan Cranston

White is the protagonist turned antagonist in the hit AMC show. The character starts out the series as a New Mexico high school chemistry teacher who's struggling economically and gets a terminal cancer prognosis. With a pregnant wife and a special needs teenage son, he decides to put his knowledge to an illegal use, making and selling meth in the hopes of leaving his family some money after he's gone.  White's transformation to full blown criminal mastermind is completed at the the end of season 4, when he kills off his boss, high level drug distributor Gus Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito.

"He's fun to play," Cranston said. Cranston won three straight Emmy Awards for his portrayal of White.

Season 5 of the show begins Sunday night on AMC.