Brazilian actor playing Judas accidentally hangs himself on stage

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(CBS News) A Brazilian actor accidentally killed himself onstage while enacting the suicide of Judas in a Good Friday play, according to reports.

Tiago Klimeck, 27, was hanging for four minutes before fellow performers realized something was wrong, BBC reports. He was pronounced dead Sunday following more than two weeks ina coma.

The play took play in Itarare, 214 miles west of Sao Paulo, BBC reports.

Klimeck wore a harness under his robe during the play, which had been borrowed from the local fire department for three years running, CNN reports. The actor had been allowed to use the harness unsupervised because officials thought he knew how to use the equipment.

The harness, along with the rope used in the play, are now being analyzed at a crime lab, CNN reports. Officials speculate Klimeck tied the knot wrong.