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Brands on the Rise -- and on the Decline

This week, we're highlighting PRWeek's very good summation of the year past in their 2007 Book of Lists. Here are their brands on the rise and brands that "sunk" in 2007:

Brands that "soared" according to PRWeek:

  1. Apple: Thanks to the hugely successful launch of the iPhone and introduction of the iPod Touch, Apple continued to be a darling of Wall Street, with its stock prices reaching an all-time company high of $192 a share.
  2. TMZ: The celebrity Web site separated itself from the pack this year by launching a TV show. It also continued to break a number of stories about celebrity breakdowns, divorces, and deaths.
  3. Nintendo: The launch of the still hard-to-find Wii gaming system at the end of 2006 set Nintendo up for an all but can't miss opportunity to have a wonderful 2007. It didn't miss.
  4. Wal-Mart: Aside from its usual financial dominance, the retail giant also won a slight reprieve from critics by concentrating on its environmental program to reduce waste and promote sustainability - one that has served as a model for the rest of big industry.
  5. Facebook: The social networking site hit its stride this year, becoming a must-join among business people. It was able to address users' concerns about privacy swiftly and managed to preserve its loyal following, as well as snag a $240 million investment from Microsoft.
And those that "sunk" in 2007:
  1. Sears Holdings: This year, the owner of the Sears and Kmart retail stores announced a 99% drop in third-quarter profits from $196 million to just $2 million year over year. It will certainly have to do better if it ever hopes to compete again with the likes of Wal-Mart and Target.
  2. Mattel: While its stock price wasn't severely damaged by this year's toy recalls, the hit to its reputation is inevitable.
  3. Ampd Mobile: One of the worst tech collapses since the dot bomb, the cell phone company filed for bankruptcy in June, letting a $360 million investment go to waste.
  4. Britney Spears: Spears made such a mess of her life in 2007 that a judge awarded unemployed ex-husband K-Fed custody of their kids. Lowlights include: numerous panty-less exits from cars, a head shaving, and the infamous dead-in-the-eyes performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  5. Citigroup: Getting caught up in the sub-prime fallout, it not only posted a $6.4 billion loss, but CEO Chuck Prince was forced to resign. It announced plans to lay off more than 40,000, and its stock continues to tumble.