Brandon Woodard Shooting: Getaway car found in killing of Calif. man on midtown street, says NYPD

In this surveillance image released by police, investigators say a suspect can be seen walking up behind his victim moments before firing a fatal shot.

NYPD via CBS New York
In this surveillance image released by the NYPD, investigators say a suspect can be seen walking up behind his victim, Brandon Woodard, moments before firing a fatal shot.
CBS New York via NYPD
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Police say they have found the getaway car linked to Monday's execution-style slaying of 31-year-old Los Angeles man Brandon Woodard, who authorities suspect was lured into the daylight ambush just a block from Central Park.

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New York Police Department officers located the missing Lincoln sedan - parked and unoccupied - during a sweep of a Queens neighborhood with high-tech license plate readers, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. No motive or suspects have been identified in Woodard's shooting.

Police also have interviewed a woman who spent time with Woodard the night before he died. The woman and Woodard watched an NFL game together at his hotel before going out to dinner, Kelly said.

The NYPD has sent detectives to Los Angeles to obtain a search warrant for the victim's home, the commissioner said. The manhunt for the gunman and his getaway driver "is going forward aggressively," he said.

Kelly declined to comment on media reports that the getaway car had been rented by someone other than the hit team and possibly loaned to them for the hit.

Woodard was killed Monday afternoon after he checked out of a hotel on nearby Columbus Circle and may have been lured into an ambush a few blocks away.

Authorities say the killer had arrived at least 30 minutes before the shooting.  The gunnman, who appears to be bald and have a beard, could be seen on surveillance video exiting the passenger side of the parked Lincoln sedan and pacing as he waited, police said.

After Woodard got there, he checked his phone and walked back and forth as if looking for an address, police said. A security photo - released to seek the public's help in identifying the gunman - shows him reaching into his pocket for a pistol moments before he fired a single deadly round.

Kelly said Wednesday that investigators were still examining three phones carried by Woodard when he flew to New York City on Sunday. Two were found on his body and one in luggage he left at his hotel.

Authorities in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have said Woodard had a criminal record in both cities.

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