Boy Severs Thumb On Disney Ride

disneyland sign
The Storybook Land Canal Boats ride is back open today at Disneyland, after an accident cost a young boy part of his thumb.

The four-year-old broke a finger and severed the tip of his thumb when his fingers were pinched between the boat and a dock Wednesday.

The accident forced the ride to close for nearly two days while investigators looked into the accident. They've directed the California resort to lower and repair rubber bumpers along the dock's edge, and to make sure workers tell passengers to keep their hands in the boat while it docks.

On Sept. 5, 2003 a man was killed and 10 other riders were injured when a locomotive broke loose from a train on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The roller coaster takes people on a twisting, turning ride aboard what is supposed to be a runaway train in the Old West. Riders zoom around outdoors past falling rocks and tumbling waterfalls, occasionally entering tunnels designed to look like mineshafts and caverns.

Investigators said that accident was a result of improper maintenance and operators who weren't told to take action if a ride starts making an unusual noise,