offering 50GB online storage for free

MorgueFile user ronnieb

(MoneyWatch) Online storage, especially the type that automatically synchs with your traditional PC or laptop, tablet and smartphone, is great. Move files to save room and have them available wherever you are, no matter what device you're using.

There are many providers, including DropBox, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The one problem is that you're restricted on the aggregate size of the files you upload. For example, DropBox offers 2GB. Microsoft SkyDrive, 7GB. Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive have 5GB each. You can get more, but then it costs money.

That's why you might want to sign up for a account today. The company, which focuses on business users (not that it matters if you're a consumer), is temporarily offering a 50GB of storage for life if you sign up now. Use this link for 50GB storage, but hurry, because no telling how long this offer will last, or not. (Tip of the hat to for pointing this out.)

Image: MorgueFile user ronnieb

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