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Botaoshi: The wacky Japanese sport of pole pull-down

(CBS) - What makes a sport? Competition. Athleticism. Sometimes a form of ball. This crazy scene has two out of three, so it qualifies. Introducing Botaoshi, the Japanese sport of "pole pull-down." Can the blue team pull down the white team's pole? See for yourself.

Go Blue! Aw, they were so close. It looks like a pretty intense game. The goal, if you hadn't guessed, is to pull down the opponent's pole within two or three minutes. No word on how the white team did when it was their turn to assault the pole, but we'll keep you posted.

A frenzied mob charging into the opposition, beating and clawing at their opponents with the ultimate goal of destruction of property. When's this coming state-side?

Just kidding, we'll stick with baseball and football, thanks.

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