Boston professor charged with running meth lab, police say

Irina Kristy
CBS Boston

(CBS) BOSTON - A professor who has taught mathematics at Boston colleges for two decades has been charged with running a methamphetamine lab out of her suburban home, CBS Boston reports.

Irina Kristy, 74, teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, but was recently placed on administrative leave at Suffolk. BU officials say they know about the charges against her.

The Boston Globe reports that according to the District Attorney's office, Grigory Genkin, her 29-year-old son, pleaded not guilty to the same charges last month. He was arrested last month after turning himself into authorities, police said.

Kristy will face charges of "distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug law, and drug violation in a school zone," said Middlesex District Attorney office spokeswoman Cara O'Brien.

O'Brien said more details about the case will come to light during the arraignment Dec . 21.

On Nov. 7, there was a daylong search of the second-floor residence that Genkin and Kristy share.  Investigators from several law enforcement agencies found evidence that their home was being used to make meth, police said in a statement.

The statement said that "a large amount of materials believed to be hazardous" were removed from the property by hazardous materials specialists and other items believed to be dangerous were detonated by the State Police bomb squad."

Kristy was reached by phone yesterday, only to say: "I cannot give any comment at this time.''

Kristy still teaches at BU, as she has since 1987, and school spokesman Colin Riley said Friday that he could not comment on her employment with the school since it is a personnel matter.

Suffolk University has employed Kristy as an adjunct professor since 1985 until Monday, when she was placed on administrative leave through the end of the semester. School spokesman Greg Catlin said Friday the move was made after the university learned of the charges.

"Adjunct faculty are appointed semester by semester,'' he said. "She has not been appointed for next semester.''