Books, Bricks and DEMOs

Is the Lego brick really 50 years old? Wow. Google also has a tribute. (Of course that link won't make sense after today.) In any case, how many people remember building Lego cities or robots or life-sized sculptures of Stephen Colbert? Ah, those were the days. OK, if the latter seems odd, check out the work of Nathan Sawaya. (Who knew there were pink bricks?) Anyway, I'm finalizing a story for tonight's Evening News with Katie Couric that has to do with updating brick and mortar abodes, especially for the elderly. Be sure to tune in.

In other news, I am not in Palm Desert, CA, at DEMO '08, but there's plenty of coverage of the semi-elite tech event happening this week. I have been once before, and it's usually an impressive gathering of technologies, though some are often rather niche in nature. By comparison to CES it's lower key and higher tech.

I am, however, rather hooked on 2KGames' "BioShock." (Outside of work hours, of course.) Stunning. I'm planning to check out SOE's "Pirates of the Burning Sea" soon (like I have time for another MMO outside "WarCraft"), and I just finished "Mass Effect" over the weekend, which was a real treat. Playing more than one immersive game at a time can be like trying to simultaneously finish several books. Tricky, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

One word about tomorrow's post: teleportation. Later in the week: "Lost" has been found.