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"Bombshell" McGee: "I'm Not a Homewrecker"

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee may be a lot of things, but she says a "homewrecker" isn't one of them.

The California-based tattoo fetish model and stripper is vehemently trying to redeem herself and says she didn't set out to ruin Jesse James and Sandra Bullock's marriage. Instead, she's blaming the West Coast Choppers star, who allegedly told her that he and Bullock were separated.

"I am not a homewrecker," she told E! News. "I don't believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed his marriage. My message to Jesse would be, 'If you were honest to me up front...we wouldn't be in this position.'"

"He made it clear, they weren't together, I believed him," she added. "I did have a little bit of my suspicions. I'd mention things to him like, 'Let's go on a ride or out to dinner' and he said, 'I can't really do that.'"

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McGee added that she feels the media has targeted her because of her tattoos.

"It's hard to be the most hated person in America," McGee admitted. "The media has villianized me and they have made a character out of me. It's easy to target someone who looks different."

McGee is hell-bent on setting the record straight, saying that she "did the right thing" by sharing her side of the alleged story with In Touch Weekly.

So will "America's Sweetheart" forgive "America's Most Hated Woman?"

The likelihood of that is slim, but McGee hopes the Oscar-winning actress will at least hear her plea for forgiveness.

"I hope she [Sandra Bullock] does watch this," McGee told E! News. "I'm sorry this all happened. I want to apologize for her hurt and embarrassment. I'm sorry this went public."

"I knew I was going to get some kind of backlash-this was 'America's sweetheart,'" she said added. "[But] I would do it again."

McGee also said that she doesn't buy the allegations that James is suffering from sex addiction.

"I don't know what's going through his head...I was really shocked he went to sex rehab," she said. (For the record, neither James nor his reps have confirmed what he's being treated for in rehab.)

"It was a bogus move," McGee said. "I don't know if I buy sex rehab. I think it's an easy thing for celebrities that cheat on their wives."

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