Bob's Blog: Two Presidents


WASHINGTON (CBS News) - We have a very special edition of "Face The Nation" this Sunday.

First, we'll sit down for an interview with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. For the first time in his presidency, he'll have to deal with a Republican-controlled Congress. What can be done to bridge the divide between parties and - for a change - get something done in Washington? And where are we in the War on ISIS? We'll ask the president.

Later in the program, we'll have an interview with former President George W. Bush. The 43rd president just wrote a book about his father, titled "41" and we'll talk to him about his father and what he learned from him as a father, and as a President, plus we'll ask President Bush about the prospects of another Bush running for the White House. Will his brother Jeb be "45?"

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We've got an all-star panel of journalists to talk about 60 years of news on Face the

60 years of presidents of Face the Nation

Nation, plus all the news from this week.

We'll hear from Peggy Noonan, a CBS News contributor who also writes for The Wall Street Journal, Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, David Gergen of Harvard University and Michelle Norris of NPR.

We'll also delve into the CBS News archives this weekend as we celebrate our 60th year on the air. In our first 60 years,we've talked to sitting presidents, senior military brass, top lawmakers, world leaders, celebrities and sports stars. For all the technology, the remarkable thing about "Face" is how little it has changed since our first broadcast on November 7, 1954. We still do exactly what they did in the beginning: We sit down the key newsmakers, turn on the lights, and ask them questions.

We hope you'll join us Sunday as we reflect on this important anniversary. Check your local listings.