Boating On A Budget

For many people, boating is one of the great pleasures of summer. But the hefty price tag that comes along with the sport leaves lots of folks high and dry.

So, on The Early Show Wednesday,'s David Gregg suggested a variety of affordable watercraft to keep you entertained on the water this summer without leaving you drowning in debt.

He went to New York's Harriman State Park to showcase his choices.

Among them, along with Gregg's thoughts and descriptions provided at least in part by their manufacturers were:

Aquaglide Multisport

Winner of the Innovation Award at the International Marine Trade Exhibit and Conference, an annual boating event held by the National Marine Manufacturers Assn. This is the world's most versatile convertible boat, capable of transforming from sailboat to windsurfer to kayak to tow-able to swim platform in just 10 minutes, including inflation time. The durable, 26-gauge PVC inflatable hull comes with a complete sail, mast, and boom. They're removable when switching from sailboat or windsurfing modes to the kayak, tow-able, or platform configuration. This lightweight boat requires minimal wind to sail, has I-beam supports for extra stability and strength, and includes a removable folding wood deck and two detachable 18-inch keels that can navigate shallows as well as deeper water. As a kayak, the boat is easy to maneuver with the two included dual-blade paddles, and the towing strap enables you to secure the watercraft to a tow rope for use as a two-person performance tow-able. Without the attachments, the boat hull acts as a swim platform. The hull has four soft-grip handles and space for two adults, and supports up to 600 pounds. The Aquaglide comes with a heavy-duty 600-denier cordura cover, foot pump, repair kit, and instructional video. It disassembles for easy storage in its carrying case, which fits in the trunk of a car or can be checked as airline luggage. PRICE: $399.95;

The Aquaskipper

It's a boat. It's a jet ski. No, it's the AquaSkipper! This watercraft is one of the coolest products to hit the water in years. Unlike other human-powered watercraft, its unique hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring enable you to fly across the water by simply hopping up and down. Since the hydrofoil has very little drag in the water, you can move at speeds of up to 17 mph. It's environmentally friendly: no fuel, no noisy engines, and it's maintenance-free. With the AquaSkipper, you can ride on waves, try new tricks, and race your friends. Any way you use it, the AquaSkipper is fun and a great way to exercise. PRICE:$495.95;